Coniston Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue across the UK is a voluntary organisation which relies solely on the support and generosity of the public; whether that be as an active member out on the fells; as a supporter with fund raising and/or admin activities or a friend providing donations.  Whether it is time or money given, without this the team simply could not function or be there when they are needed most.

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team was founded in 1947 and was the first team of its kind in the UK.  There are currently over 30 highly trained volunteers on the active list, turning out in all-weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all funded solely by donations.

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team depends on your support and generosity. Thank you very much for all those who have contributed to help us help others.

Supporting Coniston Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue in the UK is a voluntary organisation. To maintain this valuable community service we rely solely on the support and generosity of the public; without you, we simply could not function, or be there when you might need us most.

There are several ways you can support the work of mountain rescue:

Join the Team
Join the Committee
Fundraise for Coniston MRT
Donate to the Team
Become a Friend of Coniston MRT
Join the Team

If you live locally and wish to become an active member of Coniston Mountain Rescue Team, or a member of our support team, then please visit our Join the Team Page

Join the Committee

Traditionally committee positions have been filled by active members but this adds an extra time commitment which can become a problem especially if the team are involved in a high number of rescue activities.  At Coniston, we have started to look for non-active members to take on some of the roles, with the current Honorary Secretary proving that this can work.  Interested?  Click the button below to email Judy for more information.

Fundraise for Coniston MRT

There are always fundraising events to organise, posters to produce, tickets to sell, refreshments to be provided at events etc etc.  You might even feel inspired to pen a short article about the event (or anything else) to keep the website current and interesting to read.

Donate to the Team

It is vital to build and maintain a sound financial base for any Mountain Rescue team and Coniston is no exception.  To maintain vehicles, premises, equipment, medical and countless other supplies all costs significant money – we need to raise in excess of £20,000 every year to cover these costs to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the valuable search and rescue service we have provided for the last 70 years.

Click To Donate
Become a Friend of Coniston MRT

Whichever way you have decided to donate – by BACS, by cheque or by standing order then why not become a Friend of Coniston Mountain Rescue Team and enjoy the benefits of becoming a Coniston Mountain Rescue Team Friend

Our Latest News

Our latest news, events and happenings from the team at Coniston Mountain Rescue.

Cathedral Quarry partial closure, NY314028

There has been a large rockfall at Cathedral Quarry, and the National Trust has consequently closed the upper parts of the quarry and the tunnels until the area has been…

Coniston MRT May 20 – Covid 19 UPDATE

May 20 – Covid 19 Hello All, Hopefully you’re all managing to stay safe and healthy through the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that many of you will be desperate to…

Adventure Smart Fells & Mountains – Covid 19

BE ADVENTURE SMART DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK Enjoy active outdoor recreation in your local area, while practising good social distancing at all times Do not travel to popular tourist areas and reduce…


Our Latest Rescues

View details about the latest rescues performed by Coniston Mountain Rescue Team

Saddlestone Quarry

Incident 18 of 2020:- 07/08/2020, 16:09, Saddlestone Quarry, SD281981 Summer had finally returned to the Lakes, and it was dry and very warm. A multi-family group was exploring the Saddlestone…

Brock Barrow

Incident 17 of 2020:- 05/08/2020, 16:11, Brock Barrow, SD30028977 Heavy rain and strong winds meant few walkers on the high fells, but even the lower fells were very slippery. Cumbria…

Dow Crag

Incident 16 of 2020 :- 18/07/2020, 15:52, Dow Crag, SD26239759 The weather had cleared following early rain and the day was now bright and very warm. The team was contacted…

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Consider Donating

Mountain Rescue in the UK is a voluntary organisation. To maintain this valuable community service, we rely solely on the support and generosity of the public.