75th Anniversary

This year we celebrate our 75th Anniversary.

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team was the first rescue team of its kind in the UK. The first official recorded rescue for the team was on 13th April 1947.
Towards the end of 1946 a lengthy search was carried out of the Coniston area by the police looking for a missing person. The police were assisted by local quarrymen & farmers. Following this search a parish council meeting was held where it was decided a rescue party would be formed made up of local people, who would volunteer their services to go to the assistance of those who required help on the Coniston fells. Families of those founding members still reside in the village today.
It is safe to say we have stuck to those initial intentions, our team of wonderful volunteers willingly go to the aid of those in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We couldn’t do this without the support of you all, our heartfelt thanks goes out to every one of you who has donated to our team.
We have dug into the archives to find a few golden oldies, some of whom are still in the team today!
Here’s to many more years of looking after people in need, thank you to all of those who support us including our fellow Mountain Rescue Teams & Emergency services.