Swirl How

Incident 52 of 2023:-
26/10/23, 15.35, Swirl How, NY273004
It was a damp and low-cloud afternoon, and the ground was slippery. A man had an unfortunate slip very close to the top of Swirl How, and had dislocated his shoulder as he fell. CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) requested our assistance and we despatched two Land Rovers to Levers Water dam, which is the closest we can drive. On arrival at the summit, we found him in the cloud, quite stoical, and assessed him. Because he was in so much pain, full analgesia was given and his arm very carefully moved into a bandaged position so that we could transport him. He was then packaged onto our stretcher for what would be a long carry-out, as Swirl How is at the furthest end of our range of hills.
We elected to carry him north, aiming for Wrynose Pass, as an easier and safer carry than back to Levers Water, albeit longer in ground distance. Two Team Members, accompanied by the casualty’s wife, made their way back to the vehicles at the dam. The lady was driven to the base to get warm and retrieve her car, whilst both Land Rovers then continued to Wrynose. Fortuitously, the cloud broke up some time later (but just before nightfall), and the HM Coastguard helicopter, Rescue 199, became available to assist. They were able to land right next to us with excellent flying, and we loaded our casualty in. He was then flown to Carlisle, and we continued our night walk down to Wrynose Pass to await transport back to base.
15 Team Members attended the Call Out which took just under 5 ½ hrs.