Levers Hawse

Incident 65 of 2023:-
30/12/23, 12.56, Levers Hawse, SD271995
Not a good day for walking, with low cloud, rain, and low temperatures on the tops. Having reached the top of the Old Man of Coniston, a couple then went north along the ridge and became lost. They called Cumbria Police for help, and we were able to locate them using a phone-finder app.
Two Land Rovers were despatched only as far as the Coppermines water treatment works, since the track up to the dam is currently unusable for vehicles. A small team walked up to Levers Hawse, located the lost couple, and assessed their condition. We gave them a hot drink and more clothing, and then escorted them down the steep track to Levers Water, and then down to the Land Rover in the valley. We took them to our base to warm up, and had a few words with them about safe winter walking in the Lake District.
11 members attended this incident, which lasted for 3 hours 35 minutes.