Above Hole Rake

Incident 10 of 2022:-
30/04/2022, 13.04, Hole Rake, SD290994
It was a cold and dry afternoon for walking. A gentleman was pulled over on a rocky slope by his large dogs, and hurt his hip. We had several team members on the hill marshalling the fell race, some of who were deployed, and two Land Rovers went from our base. One member in the race stopped with him earlier.
The casualty’s condition meant that a swift extraction was important, so helicopter assistance was requested. Fortunately, Helimed 08 from Blackpool was tasked to help. We had assessed the casualty, given pain relief and put him in a vacuum mattress to prevent further movement. He was then carried on our stretcher a short distance to Helimed 08, and was loaded after further assessment, destination Furness General Hospital.
12 volunteer members attended for 3 hours and 15 minutes.