Ashgill Quarry 27th June 2015 16:10hrs 28/2015


The weather remained sunny with intermittent cloud and still warm.

Whilst packing away the equipment from the Dow Crag rescue back in to the vehicles, we received another call out, this time to a female who had fallen in to a quarry.

Since her location at Ashgill Quarry was not too far away, members left the land rovers in situ and made their way over the moor to the area. The lady had slipped over the edge whilst on a geology survey and was apparently unhurt, but could not climb back up out of the quarry. Fortunately a tunnel in to the quarry was soon identified and she was safely walked out. After attention to a cut finger, the casualty was accompanied back over the moor towards Tranearth where the land rovers had been re-located by other members. She was returned with her friend to Torver.

16 Coniston team personnel attended this incident which took 1 ½ hours.


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