Birk Fell

Incident 34 of 2020:-
08/09/2020, 18:29, Birk Fell, NY296023
A wet, low-cloud and windy day – so we had decided to train indoors in the evening rather than on the fellside. As we were preparing to come to base, Cumbria Police asked us to help a group of 5 walkers lost in the Birk Fell area. Attempts to contact the group by phone were unsuccessful, so we set out to do it the old way. One Land Rover went to Levers Water dam, the other two into Greenburn, with the intention of working towards each other. In fact, the group was found fairly quickly on the lower slopes of Birk Fell, soaked through and cold. They were transported back to base and given warm drinks. Another member of their party arrived with dry clothing, and they went on their way.
16 volunteer team members attended this incident, along with one volunteer search dog, and it took 2.3 hours.