Blawith Fells

Incident 43 of 2021

01/10/21, 13.28pm, Blawith Fells, SD279907


It was a cloudy afternoon, with intermittent sunshine and showers.


We were tasked by CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) to go to the aid of a gentleman who had been descending Beacon Fell in the Blawith Fells, when he slipped on a large boulder and dislocated his knee.


Once his location was confirmed, three vehicles were deployed and parked below Stable Harvey. We met up with a member of the casualty’s party whilst making our way up the fell, and he accompanied us to the scene. The gentleman was assessed, given pain relief and his patella was returned to its rightful position. He was then stretchered down over the immediate rocky track, after which the stretcher wheel was fitted for an easier evacuation over the remaining section of the path.


NWAS was waiting for us at the Base and the casualty was handed over to them for his onward journey to Furness General Hospital.


12 team members attended this call out which took 2hrs 20mins.