Boulder Valley 6th February 23:03hrs 4/2016


It was a dry night and  fairly mild.

We were asked to investigate flashing lights seen on the slopes of Coniston Old Man. A member of the public staying in accommodation in Coppermines Valley had noticed the lights and had received a response to his torch communication. He became concerned.

The incident message was picked up by the Team Leader who put a call out for members to standby. However, it was ascertained that these were head torches belonging to walkers making their way down the fell via Boulder Valley. One of them was a Team Member who quickly contacted the Team Leader to advise him that there was not a problem. They both then met up to go and thank the people who had reported in to the police. The team was stood down.

A full team call out was therefore not initiated and the incident dealt with in ½ hour.

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