16:46 (Grid SD 276 990)

The fell tops were shrouded in mist.

Cumbria Police (CUMPOL) contacted the team to report a lost female walker. The walker contacted the police to say she had become lost having ascended the Old Man of Coniston. The police had located her position using the phone find tool ( a text message to a phone enables gps location of that phone).

As the location of the Walker was known and the team leader was in contact with her, a full team call out was not initiated due to the potential of others becoming lost in the mist.

A small party made their way on to the Fell from Bursting Stone Quarry and soon located the missing walker between Brim Fell and Little Howe on the main ridge.

She was helped down Levers Hawse to rendezvous with a team vehicle at Paddy End.

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