Burnt Ash Coppice 28th November 2015 17:35hrs 58/2015


The weather was wet and windy.

We were asked to take over this incident from Kendal MRT as it was established that the party of 9 walkers were situated within our area.

This group of walkers had become lost in woodland known as Belt Ash Coppice, as it went dark. This Coppice lies above the west shore of Lake Windermere, more or less opposite Belle Isle.

Two land rovers were deployed with enough Team Members to assist with this search. A full team call out had not been initiated at this point, as it was considered unnecessary due to the knowledge of the vicinity of the walking party. Indeed, they were soon located safe and well, albeit a little cold, and returned to their vehicles at Strawberry Gardens.

6Team Personnel attended this call out which took just under 2 hours.

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