Bursting Stone Quarry, Coniston 28th September 2013 18:43hrs 38/2013


It was a dry, clear evening but torches were needed for the second half of the rescue.

A couple with their son were descending towards the quarry after climbing Coniston Old Man earlier that afternoon. The lady slipped and twisted her knee. She did try to continue but it was too painful to bear weight.

We were able to drive the landrovers most of the way up the quarry road. The casualty was soon located thanks to the husband making himself clearly visible. She was kept warm whilst the stretcher was being put together. She had sustained possible ligament injuries although a fracture could not be ruled out. Once her leg was splinted, the lady was stretchered about half a mile to the team vehicles and driven to the base. As the family lived locally they wanted to make their own way to Westmorland General Hospital. Since we had not administered any drugs we respected their wishes and therefore transferred her to their own car for the onward journey.

13 members of the team responded to this incident which took 2 hours.

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