Bursting Stone Quarry

Incident 11 of 2024:-
10/02/24, 18.06, Bursting Stone Quarry, SD282972
It was a cold and clear night, with some snow still on the ground which was very wet. Three lads were camping near Bursting Stone Quarry, and one of them called Cumbria Police because another was unresponsive on the ground with a head injury. We despatched three Land Rovers up into the quarry, located them and traversed across to them. On arrival and assessment, the casualty was underdressed and very cold, so we added clothing and our cas bag, addressed the head injury, and stretchered him to our Land Rovers for evacuation.
The party was then driven down to our base to be warmed up and reunited with two of their mothers. The casualty was taken to Furness General Hospital for further assessment.
9 volunteer team members attended this incident, along with 2 policemen as a precaution since the circumstances of the incident were not clear at the start. However, although close to the incident, their involvement was not required. The incident lasted for 3 hours and 50 minutes.