Caws Beck

Incident 30 of 2023:-
18/06/23, 11.21, Caws Beck, SD299896
A couple were taking a walk through woodland on a dry day, but Caws Beck which they had to cross was mossy and slippery. The man lost his footing and fell down the beck, sustaining a serious upper arm injury. His wife called for help, and North West Ambulance Service asked us to attend as the spot was neither close to a road nor flat ground for a helicopter.
We despatched two Land Rovers, located the couple and began our assessment. We had administered our full complement of pain relief when Helimed 08 from Blackpool arrived. They had to land at the top of the fell and the paramedics descended to us. They took over coverage, and added their own pain relief before using a Kendrick splint on the man’s upper arm (typically used on a broken femur). Thus stabilised, he was moved onto our stretcher for the carry down to the valley floor. Helimed 08 repositioned to a field next to High Nibthwaite and we carried the casualty there. Once transferred, he was flown to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.
15 volunteer team members attended for 4 hours and 5 minutes.