Church Beck

Incident 19 of 2022:-
18/06/22, 23.26, Church Beck SD295980
It was a dry evening when CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) asked us to go to the assistance of a lady who had fallen into Church Beck which runs through Coppermines Valley.
Once we had made contact with the informant, it transpired she had slipped over the edge of the gorge and fallen about 20 metres to the bottom. A gentleman who was walking up Coppermines Valley went to her aid but unfortunately he also fell part of the way down. However they were both communicating well with the informant and did not appear seriously hurt.
Three vehicles were deployed. Once we had located the casualties who were indeed next to the beck, members went down from the opposite side where there was safer access. They were escorted out of the gorge as they were both on their feet and needed to get warm. The two casualties were fully assessed and wounds treated before they were taken back to the Base.
Once at the Base, they were given warm drinks and reassessed. Apart from some cuts and bruises, and soreness, both casualties were deemed well enough to be taken back to their accommodation. However they were advised to get themselves checked over once they returned home the following day. Two extremely lucky people!
14 team members attended this incident which took 2hrs 10 mins.