Church Beck, Coniston 25th July 2014 14:52hrs 25/2014


The weather was sunny, dry and very warm.


The North West ambulance Service requested our assistance with the evacuation  of a gentleman who had a suspected broken leg (possible tibia & fibula fracture). He had jumped into a pool of water thinking it was deeper than it actually was and landed on rock.


Due to the location of the incident ie. at the bottom of a gorge, the local fire service also attended. Whilst a paramedic was lowered down to treat the casualty a rope system was set up. This was necessary so that the stretcher could be hauled safely up the steep embankment. One of the Team land rovers was used as the main belay point. Once the casualty was splinted and stabilised, he was secured on to the stretcher for a vertical lift  as agreed by the paramedic as being the most appropriate, to the main track above. He was then transferred to another land rover and taken to the waiting helicopter for his onward journey to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.  

In total 11 Team Members attended this incident which took 3 1/2 hours due to the complexity of the rescue.

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