Dow Crag 17th October 2015 12:44hrs 55/2015


The afternoon was cloudy but dry with a slight breeze.

The Team was tasked to go to the assistance of a male climber. He had been climbing on Dow Crag (Nimrod route) with three other climbers, when he fell about 5-6 metres, possibly breaking some ribs following the impact.   

The first land rover left base quickly, followed by a second. The exact location of the casualty was easily ascertained due to knowledge of the crags. On arrival three members climbed up to the gentleman to secure him and organise a safe belay off the crag and on to the relative safety of the ground below. Once this was completed, a further assessment suggested he may also have an injury to his lung. During this period a Bristow Search and Rescue helicopter had also been deployed to the scene, and they were able to winch him from this position and airlift him to Preston Royal Infirmary.

A total of 16 team members attended this incident which took 4 ¼ hours.


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