CMRT Rescue one of their own…


CMRT rescue one of their own……
Last Friday, some of the Coniston Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist one of their own…… fortunately, all turned out well in the end…..

Bute rescue 1 - Low resChristyne Judge, CMRT team member recounted the days events for us…….. “Friday 15th February 2013 I was walking with my Search dog Bute on the Coniston Fells with my partner David and his dog Hugo. On arriving at Levers water both Bute and Hugo were playing in the water, retrieving snow balls that were thrown for them. Bute stood at the water’s edge holding her paw up when it suddenly started to bleed, initially profusely. On a closer inspection I saw a large open wound exposing her tendons. I nearly always take my dog first aid kit when out walking, but on this occasion I didn’t (lesson learnt)

Bute rescue 2 - low res

David took of his neck buff and tied it around her wound, wrapped her up in his jacket and set off down the Fell side, whilst I contacted Caroline one of the deputy team leaders and told her what had happened.  Caroline quickly gathered team members together and drove up to meet us with a first aid equipment.

I also contacted the local vets to make them aware what had happened and to expect her. I was very concerned at the time of the incident happening due to the possibility of loss of blood, our location and evacuation time to the vets. Bute was already starting to shiver after being in the water.

David carried Bute and  had got a long way down the Fell side before being met by three members of the team. On my arrival all were tending to Bute’s injury and they had done an excellent job of keeping her calm whilst they dressed the wound. She was then carried to my car by Roy, where she was then taken to the local vets in Windermere.

Bute rescue 3 - low resBute was seen straight away and received four staples in her leg and is on a course of antibiotics. The cut was very clean and possible caught on a sharp rock when she entered the water. I cannot thank Coniston team members enough for attending so quickly, the vets for treating Bute and of course David for carrying her down the Fell side, for  quite some distance.

Bute now has to rest for a least a week, which believe me is no easy task, she appears to have forgotten all about it already.


I have learnt a lesson regarding carrying my first aid kit. No matter how short my walks are on the Fells I will always take it.  I never thought that I would have to call a rescue team out for me (or my dog) but am very pleased that they could help and saved a lot of time”