Coniston Mountain Rescue information

Team call outs have changed greatly over the years. Originally the most common call out was for fallen climbers or people lost in the hills. These days the role of the Mountain rescuer has expanded. Teams are trained in many disciplines and are expected to turn out for a wide variety of call outs. For example there are now National registers for Team swift water rescue capabilities following the recent flooding in Cockermouth. Teams often support their neighbouring Teams in times of multiple call outs. Each Team has members trained to the particular terrain that they work in. For Coniston our incidents now include such diverse call outs as climbing accidents, searches for lost persons, walking accidents, mountain biking accidents, gorge scrambling accidents, diving accidents, Swift Water Response Team, Animal retrieval and occasionally mines rescues in the copper mines/slate closed heads with Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit. Mountain Rescue Teams are unique in their ability to respond to multi-faceted call outs which makes them a very valuable resource.