Coppermines 17th April 12:30hrs 15/2016

Hole rake

The weather was dry and cold with a slight breeze.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police to help a lady who had slipped and twisted her knee while running over Hole Rake. A sarloc message was sent to the casualty to fully determine her position on the fell. 

A full team call out was initiated. During the time it took for the team to assemble the air ambulance made us aware through Sarcall of their availability to assist as there were no available land ambulances.

The team drove up Coppermines and left the vehicles at the blue quarries. As we were walking up to Hole Rake the air ambulance flew over and was able to land near the casualty site. On arrival on scene the air doctor and paramedic were treating the casualty for her injuries. Entonox was given for pain relief while her knee was placed in a vacuum splint.

Once the casualty was stable, she was then stretched to the helimed for her journey to Furness General.

A total of 13 team members helped with this rescue which took just under 2 hours



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