Copper Mines Valley 21st June 2013 23:58hrs (22/2013)


It was obviously dark, and was raining and windy.

People who had been staying at the Youth Hostel reported seeing flashing lights up the valley. Due to the fact it was midnight and the uncertain nature of the incident, the Team Leader kept the rest of the team on standby (ie. they were alerted but not requested to attend yet as a full team call out) whilst they and and an Assistant Team Leader investigated. Another team member manned the base. A search was carried out below Levers Water around the Water Treatment Plant, and then across to the Red Dell area. However, despite seeing a light, there was no sighting of people or tents and no response to shouting. It was decided that because no one had been reported missing, and the search had not revealed any problems, then they should stand the rest of the team down and return to base.

There was a possibilty due to information received that the light could have actually been a lantern, possibly stuck on a rock and moving in the wind.

3 Team Members, as mentioned, responded physically to the incident and the search took an hour.

No further reports manifested from this initial call out.

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