Coniston Coppermines14th February 2015 16:54hrs 5/2015


The weather remained dry and sunny.

The North West Ambulance Service requested our assistance again, this time to locate and assist a gentleman who, we were informed, was suffering from chest pain.

The actual location details provided suggested he was not far up the main tourist track leading from Miners Bridge to Coniston Old Man. However, due to the nature of his condition and accessibility, the village First Responders were called out first. One of the Team members is also a First Responder and having already met up with the casualty who was walking down assisted by passers-by who had stopped to help,  ascertained that the gentleman was not suffering from any pains or breathing difficulties. He had actually suffered problems with his mobility which was then restored to normal after some food was eaten whilst resting. She rang the base to inform them of the situation. A land rover was deployed to bring the casualty back to the base where shortly afterwards an ambulance arrived. He was checked over by the paramedics and then allowed to go on his way, which we understood was to go and enjoy a meal at a local pub.

Again 12 members attended this incident which took ½ hour.


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