Coppermines Valley, April 10th 2013 16:55hrs (13/2013)


The weather was dry, sunny and warm.

The team was called by NWAS (The North West Ambulance Service) to assist with the evacuation of a lady walker who had slipped near the Hydro Plant on the track running up Coppermines Valley. She had a suspected broken ankle.

It was decided by the Team Leader that due to the location of the casualty a full team call out was not necessary. The landrover was able to get very close to her, and the Great North Air Ambulance was also being deployed. Pain relief was given and her leg was splinted. The lady was then taken by the helicopter to Furness general Hospital.

There were three members of the team involved and the rescue took 1 3/4hr. Total man hours 5 ¼.



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