Coppermines Valley 18th June 2015 15:23hrs 25/2015

School field

The weather was cloudy but dry, and breezy.

We were asked by NWAS (North West Ambulance Service) to assist with the evacuation of a gentleman who had possibly suffered a stroke. He was at the Youth Hostel in Coppermines Valley and the Ambulance was unable to get up the rough track leading from the village. We were advised that the Great North Air Ambulance was also on its way.

Three land rovers were deployed in total. Members from the first land rover administered oxygen to the casualty before transferring him on to a stretcher. One land rover picked up a Doctor and Paramedic from the GNAA which had landed in the local school field, and drove them up to the Youth Hostel. Once they had treated the gentleman, we then took him to the helicopter for his onward journey to a Hospital in Middlesbrough, for the specialist care he needed.

9 team personnel attended this incident which took 1 1/2 hours.



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