Crag Fast on Raven Tor

Incident 23 of 2021 :-

24/07/2021, 12.50pm, Raven Tor, SD277988


It was a warm and sunny afternoon when CUMPOL asked us to go to the assistance of two walkers and their two dogs who had become crag fast below the summit of Raven Tor.


They were on their way up to the Old Man and had left the main track.


Two vehicles were deployed and parked up at Levers Water. The team split into two groups and the people were soon located below the crag on a steep grassy bank. They were given water, including the dogs, and once reassured, were led safely down to the Levers Water track. They were then driven back to their car which was parked at the Walna Scar car park.


13 Team Members were involved with this incident which took 2hrs 15 mins.