Dow Crag 2

Incident 23 of 2022:-
10/07/22, 17.06, Dow Crag, SD263977
At 17.06, CUMPOL called us again – a family/friends group had become separated, and two teenage boys had not returned. One member of the team re-deployed to Goat’s Hause, to look for them, and we put Duddon and Furness MRT on standby to help. However, it transpired that the two missing boys were the two on Dow Crag. We re-united the boy with his group.
We would like to thank the climbers who helped the cragfast boy, the crew of Rescue 936 and our colleagues at Duddon and Furness MRT who came to help.
For the two related incidents 22 and 23, 19 members of our team attended for up to 7 hours.