Easy Gully, Dow Crag 22nd September 2013 12:08hrs 35/2013

 Dow 22.9.13 - 1

The weather was sunny with some cloud, quite mild and dry. There was intermittent mist above 1500ft.

The team was called to the assistance of a gentleman who had apparently fallen in South Rake, a popular scramble for walkers leading up to the Dow Crag ridge. Due to the possible seriousness of the incident the North West Air Ambulance was en route and an RAF Sea King was also deployed.

The first landrover was quickly dispatched so that personnel could take up the necessary equipment. The second soon followed bringing more team members and additional equipment. However, at the bottom of South Rake, the calls from the casualty determined that he was in fact in Easy Gully, the next one along. After a scramble he was located 2/3rds up the gully. He had taken the wrong path and then slipped on greasy rock and fallen 30-40ft. The casualty had sustained head, hip and possible pelvic  and internal injuries. Whilst the stretcher was safely secured and the logistics of the rescue was being discussed the gentleman was given pain relief, oxygen, and made comfortable. Two NWAA paramedics were able to climb up to the area with support from a team member. The casualties  pelvis was splinted and once safely on the stretcher, he was lowered down the gully using a belay system. It was necessary to loosen and kick away boulders and rocks on the route in order for a safe carry out.

Once out of the gully, although still at the top of the screes, he was winched up by the RAF helicopter and taken to Preston Royal Infirmary.

In total 14 team members attended this call out and we were also assisted by two local and known climbers. It took 5 ½ hours and another hour to replenish stock and sort out equipment.

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