Goats Water

Incident 26 of 2023:-
09/06/23, 19.43, Goats Water, SD265975
It was a warm, clear evening when CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) alerted us to a gentleman who had been climbing the Murray’s Route on Dow Crag, and had slipped about 8 metres.
Fortunately, he had only hurt his ankle and was able to get himself down and rested near the tarn but was unable to bear weight. As it was a long walk back to the car park and over some very rough terrain, he called for assistance.
Three vehicles were deployed. On arrival the climber was fully assessed and given pain relief, before his leg was splinted. He was indeed very lucky to have not sustained any other injuries, and his battered helmet almost certainly helped with that outcome. He was stretchered the long carry out back to where our Land Rovers were parked (made easier by the use of the stretcher wheel for most of the way), and then transported to his vehicle at the car park. His friend had agreed to drive the casualty to Furness General Hospital for further assessment and treatment.
12 members attended and the incident took 3 hour 25 mins.