Goat’s Water

Incident 34 of 2024:-
19/06/24, 18:44, Goat’s Water, SD266977
It was another mild, sunny and dry evening when the Team Leader again was contacted by a member of another MR Team, advising us of the second call out of the day. The Deputy TL from Duddon & Furness MRT, who had been out running, had come across a lady with an ankle injury at the northern end of Goat’s Water. He alerted her to the fact that Coniston MRT would be getting a callout soon.
The casualty had gone over on her ankle further up Goat’s Hawse and managed to walk down to Goat’s Water, but turned her ankle again and therefore required assistance. We despatched three Land Rovers. On arrival, the DFMRT member handed her over into our care after providing us with his set of observations, which were very useful. She was given more pain relief whilst her ankle was splinted. The lady was stretchered back to the Land Rovers and then driven to her party’s vehicle at the car park. She was advised to go to A&E to have the ankle checked out and her partner agreed to drive her there. They did this the following morning and it was confirmed to be a bad sprain.
Our thanks go to the DFMRT member for his help and excellent information.
18 Coniston Team members responded to this incident, which took just over 3 hours.