Grey Friar

Incident number 10 of 2021:-
20/05/2021, 13.15, Grey Friar, NY262010
The weather forecast was poor, and matched by reality – low cloud and heavy rain. Cumbria Police called us about two walkers believed to be lost in low cloud on the north side of Grey Friar. We were unable to reach them by phone, so despatched two Land Rovers to search for them. Our neighbouring team, Duddon and Furness MRT, also turned out as the walkers’ likely location is close to our boundary. In fact, the walkers descended through the cloud and found the road at Wrynose Bottom and managed to get a lift, so both teams were stood down.
11 volunteer members from Coniston MRT attended this incident, along with 16 from Duddon and Furness MRT, and it took 1.5 hours.