Grizedale Forest 6th August 2013 21:23hrs (27/2013)


It was a clear, dry night and quite cool.

We were called to assist the Police in searching for a missing person who had been located as being in Grizedale Forest.

A full search protocol was followed with the team being split up into groups to sweep (search) specific areas in the northern part of the forest, around High Man. The Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs were called and 11 search dog handlers attended including Coniston Mountain rescue Teams’ two search dogs.  During the search the missing person was sighted after about 3 ½ hours. At this point a police dog and handler were called to search the area where it was believed the person was contained. The team was stood down whilst the police continued the search.

18 Coniston personnel attended this incident and 11 Search & Rescue dogs. The call out took 5 ¾ hours.


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