Grizedale Forest

Incident 61 of 2023:-
04/12/23, 10.22, Grizedale Forest
It was a showery dull morning and the road conditions had improved but due to the increase in temperature, so there was a lot of slush around, and snow banked up on the roadsides.
CUMPOL rang the Team Leader and asked if we would be prepared to pick up a lady who desperately needed to collect some vital medication for her friend. It was in their vehicle which had been abandoned in Grizedale over the weekend. Unfortunately the local pharmacy did not stock this particular medication.
We agreed to help, picked her up from Hawkshead and drove her to Grizedale. The vehicle was safely recovered and we returned to Coniston to deliver the essential meds to her companion.
4 Team members were involved and it took 1 hr 40 mins.