High Wray, Lake Windermere 7th Sept 2014 14:37hrs 30/2014

High Wray 1

The weather was sunny and warm with intermittent cloud.

NWAS (North West Ambulance Service) requested our assistance again, this time with the evacuation of a lady near the shore of Lake Windermere. She had slipped on sloping grassand badly fractured her ankle.

Whilst one land rover made its way to the scene, a team member who had been in the area, High Wray 2was able to locate the casualty and offer reassurance. We arrived at the same time as the Ambulance which meant the Paramedics were able to treat the lady whilst the stretcher was being  prepared. She was given  pain relief before her ankle was manipulated back into position so that it could be splinted.Once on the stretcher the casualty was driven to the North West Air Ambulance which had landed near Wray Castle, for her onward journey to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.


11 Team Members responded to this call out which took 2 hours20 mins.

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