Hodge Close 14th September 17:00hrs (34/2012)

Hodge close 

The team was called out to an accident in one of the quarries at Hodge Close, near Tilberthwaite.

A climber was abseiling when his equipment failed (we do not have the details as to what exactly happened). He fell between 15′-20′ and sustained a broken left femur, as well as facial injuries. This is a very serious injury so time was of the essence.

Paramedics from the North West Air Ambulance were also in attendance. They administered strong painkilling drugs whilst a special traction splint was applied to his leg stabilising the fracture. He was put on a stretcher and the difficult task of bringing him back up out of the quarry began.

Rope systems were put in place to ensure the procedure was as safe and as smooth as possible. Once on firm ground the casualty was then carried to the waiting helicopter and taken to Preston Royal Infirmary.

The call out took 2 1/2 hours and 20 team members turned out.


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