Hodge Close Quarry

Incident 31 of 2022
10/08/22, 16.11, Hodge Close Quarry, NY316016
It was a sunny and hot afternoon when the Team was called to go to the assistance of a gentleman who had collapsed at Hodge Close Quarry. A passer-by had been stopped and told that a man had suffered a stroke and hence he called Cumbria Police (CUMPOL), who called us. A vehicle was quickly despatched but, prior to arriving on scene, we were stood down by CUMPOL. Apparently the casualty was already being driven direct to hospital by his son.
We decided to continue towards Hodge Close in case we were able to intercept the vehicle and offer our assistance if required. However, no contact was forthcoming and we assumed the car was well on its way.
10 members responded to this incident which took just under 45 minutes.