Hodge Close Quarry Press Release 11th July 2018

Incident – Hodge Close Quarry, Coniston 10th July 2018 17:53 hrs
Sixteen members of Coniston MRT responded to an incident at Hodge Close Quarry near Coniston on Tuesday afternoon, following reports that a swimmer had failed to surface.
Members assisted personnel from Cumbria Fire and Rescue and Cumbria Police initially in securing the scene and assisted the missing man’s party. Assistance was also given to the Police diving team with equipment used in retrieving the casualty and the hand over to HM Coroner’s office.
Coniston Mountain Rescue Team would urge people to exercise extreme caution when wild swimming, especially amongst the many flooded abandoned quarry workings in the Coniston area. We strongly advise against jumping into the water from height, as the forces experienced when entering the water can be disorientating at best, and can lead to physical injury.
The water in the quarries and high mountain tarns is still very cold compared to the warm air outside and even strong and experienced swimmers can experience difficulties, not to mention underwater hazards that may not be obvious from above.
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