Holme Fell 5th April 2014 14:24hrs 11/2014


The weather was wet and misty but mild.

Two reports had been received by the police about shouts for help heard from a man up on Oxen Fell/Holme Fell. The team was able to meet up with one of the people who had reported the incident and was directed accordingly.

Initially the team in the first land rover split into three smaller groups in order to cover the search area, agreeing to rendezvous at Uskdale Gap further west on Holme Fell. After a second team call out for other members to attend, another land rover was deployed with a party of 4 to meet up with the rest of the team at the same position. Although we called out throughout the search no response was received. At Uskdale it was decided that the cries for help would probably have been misinterpreted, as so often happens and easily done. On returning to the land rover a farmer was spotted and after a conversation with him our thoughts were confirmed. He had indeed been calling his dog whose name happens to be so very similar to the word “help”. Relieved we all returned to base.

In total 14 team personnel responded to this call out which took 3 hours.

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