Keld Gill Head

Incident 45 of 2020 :-
26/12/2020, 17:04 Keld Gill Head, NY281001
Darkness had descended and the first gusts of Storm Bella were making themselves evident. We were called by Cumbria Police regarding a developing incident.
Three lads had gone for walk in the Coniston Fells and had become disoriented and benighted in deteriorating weather.
We were able to find their position by use of our Phone Find technology. We sent a small party to go and retrieve them.
They were supplied with warm waterproofs and headtorches and walked down in worsening weather to our vehicle parked at Levers Water.
They were brought back to our base in Coniston to be warmed up.
The lads were greeted at our base by a Police officer for a Covid debrief given that they had travelled from a Tier 3 area.
6 volunteer members attended and the incident took 4.75 hours.