14:59 (Grid SD 373 987)

It was sunny all day and very hot (even though it was the bank holiday weekend). An organised group of walkers were enjoying Latterbarrow and Claife Heights when one of their number stumbled and fell, suffering from heat exhaustion. CUMPOL called us to evacuate him, which required a stretcher carry back on a quite muddy path to our Land Rovers on the forest trail.

This call out involved 15 team members and lasted 2 hours.

15:15 (Grid SD 266 980)

The team was informed by Cumbria Police of an incident concerning a lady having slipped and injured her ankle on her descent of Goats Hawse.

A full team call out was initiated, the first team members left the base and made way for the injured party. Due to there being a low number of available team members Duddon and Furness MRT were asked to provide assistance in case of a stretcher carry.

On arrival on scene the lady was treated for her injury. Due to other complications with the lady the Team Leader asked for helicopter assistance to speed up the process of getting the lady to hospital.

A helimed attended the rescue from Blackpool and were able to provide further medical care for the lady on her journey to hospital in Barrow.

This call out involved 11 team members from Coniston MRT and 5 team members from Duddon and Furness MRT. It lasted 3 1/2 hours.