Levers Water

Incident 38 of 2020:-
05/11/2020, 17:58, Levers Water, SD280997
It was the first night after lockdown, and it was calm, cold, and foggy on the high fells. We were called at 17:58 by Cumbria Police about a couple of walkers who reported being lost and benighted descending from the Old Man ridge.
After using our phone-finder function, which sends them a text that unlocks their phone’s location, we knew that they were to the north of Levers Water. We despatched one Land Rover to pick them up – we are able to drive up on the rough track to the Levers Water dam, and walk up to the missing persons from there. Having found them at 18:35, we walked them to our vehicle, and drove them down to Coniston.
This rescue involved 12 volunteer members of the team for 1hr 10 mins.