Levers Hawse

Incident 40 of 2021

19/09/21, 16.34pm, Coniston Old Man, SD273978


The afternoon was dry and sunny, but with a cold wind-chill on the fells.


CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) asked us to go to the assistance of a school party on the ridge between Levers Hawse and Brim Fell. One of the youngsters was suffering from bad cramp.


After talking to the party leader it was ascertained that the casualty was able to walk. It was therefore agreed that a small number of team members would meet them on the top of Coniston Old Man and accompany and support the whole party on their descent.


Two vehicles were initially deployed and the group was met as arranged. They were safely accompanied off the fell to our Land Rovers and arrangements were made to enable the group to return to their overnight accommodation.


11 team members responded to this incident which took 2hrs 45mins.