Little Arrow Moor

Incident 45 of 2022
03/10/22, 15.13, Little Arrow Moor, SD271967
It was a cool and clear Autumn day. A gentleman who had existing medical conditions was descending from the Old Man of Coniston via Goat’s Water when he became unwell. He was sick, and briefly unconscious, so his fellow-walker called for help.
Cumbria Police alerted us, and we sent all 3 of our Land Rovers up the Walna Scar track to the unpassable rocky gap, and walked up from there. Fortuitously, we had the MREW Medical Director, who is a doctor, visiting our base when the callout commenced. The casualty was assessed, and it was decided to stretcher him down to meet a land ambulance at our base, from where he was taken to Furness General Hospital.
17 volunteer team members attended this incident, including Alistair (thank you!), and it lasted for just under two hours.