Little How Crag, Coniston 23rd August 2014 16.57hrs 27/2014


The weather was sunny, dry and breezy, but there was cloud and  this made it cool out of the sun.

The team was alerted to a couple who had become crag fast on Little How Crag, above Levers Water.

The first party left the base and parked up by the Levers Water reservoir. As they made their way to the area the people were thought to be, a second group set of from base. Shouts were heard above Levers Water and contact, as well as the exact location, were established. Three team members equipped with ropes ascended the scree to the top of the crag. The casualties were found safe and well a little below the ridge. They were belayed to safety and able to walk accompanied down the fell via Levers Hawse. They were driven back to base.

In total 14 Team Members responded to this incident which lasted 3 hours.

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