Low Water Slopes 4th March 2014 17:06hrs 7/2014


It was cloudy though relatively mild, and dry, with only a slight breeze.

A couple who had been walking around Coppermines and Boulder Valley had noticed a group of people amongst the scree and rocks alongside the banks of Low Water Beck. They became concerned when they it seemed apparent the party had not moved for about 90 minutes. Worried in case there was a problem, they decided to report this possibility and the team was therefore asked to investigate.

The Team Leader made contact with the couple for more information. From the facts presented, instead of calling out the whole team, three Assistant Team Leaders went up the fell to ascertain whether assistance was required or not. However, once they had met up with the group it was explained that they were doing some rope work, hence the slow movement of the party. The members therefore returned to base.

5 Team Personnel attended to this incident which took 1 1/2 hours.



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