Near Beacon Tarn

Incident 43 of 2023:-
20/08/23, 15.30, Near Beacon Tarn, SD277897
It was a pleasant August day and we were demonstrating our kit to the public while fundraising at the Torver County Fair, when NorthWest Ambulance Service called us. A gentleman was reported by his family party as being quite unwell on a path close to Beacon Tarn, at the SW end of Coniston Water. We initially despatched two Land Rovers (one from the Fair, with some siren noise!) to support Helimed 08 (G-NWAA from Blackpool). The pilot managed to land really close to the casualty, and the casualty recovered enough to be gently escorted to the helicopter for onward transfer to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, so our assistance for a stretcher-carry was not needed.
17 volunteer members attended for 1 hour and 56 minutes.