Near Beacon Tarn

Incident 49 of 2022
22/10/22, 13.25, Near Beacon Tarn, SD281900
On a showery Autumn afternoon, a family group was walking near to Beacon Tarn when one of the members slipped over and hurt her ankle. The family called Cumbria Police, who asked us to help. We initially despatched two Land Rovers, parked by the road and walked up the fell to the group. The casualty had self-administered sufficient pain relief, so, after assessment, her ankle was splinted and she was stretchered off using our wheel accessory. She was then loaded into our converted ambulance and taken to the family car which was parked further along the road. A family member was happy to drive her direct to Furness General Hospital.
13 volunteer team members attended this incident, which lasted for 2 hours and 5 minutes.