near Bell Cottage

Incident 11 of 2023:-
05/03/23, 14.03, near Bell Cottage, SD287974
No change in the cold and clear weather, but a fell-runner in an organised race slipped in one of the few remaining boggy patches in the Lakes and hurt his ankle. It was near to the ruined Bell Cottage, below The Bell. Cumbria Police called us to help and we despatched two Land Rovers, walking the last section. A race organiser and some runners were already there, trying to keep him warm. He was assessed, pain relief given, the ankle reset and splinted, and we carried him on our stretcher to our converted ambulance Land Rover. He was then driven to our base to warm up before a land ambulance arrived to take him to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.
13 members attended for 2 hours 20 minutes.