Near Levers Water

Incident 37 of 2024:-
06/07/24, 15.10, Near Levers Water, SD281997
Today, Cumbria Police called us back to almost the same place as our previous incident. On a cool and clear afternoon, a woman walker had slipped and fallen on the muddy track between Swirl Hawse and Levers Water, hurt her ankle and was unable to walk further. Passers-by assisted her with some first aid and phoned for help.
We deployed all 3 Land Rovers up to Levers Water dam, and walked up from there. The casualty was assessed, pain relief given, the ankle splinted and she was then carried on our stretcher down to the vehicles. We drove her to our base where she was handed over to a land ambulance crew, who took her to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.
17 volunteer team members attended, and this incident lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes.