Near Scafell Corridor Route

Incident 7 of 2023:-
21/02/23, 04.53, Near Scafell Corridor Route, NY215087
The Leadership received a request for assistance with a search for a missing person between Broad Crag and Great End in the Wasdale area, which had been ongoing since Monday evening. A message was then sent to Team Members asking whether they would be available. A small group met up at the Base at 7.30am to await further instructions regarding the deployment area they would be tasked to search. However, manpower resources from closer Teams to the area were good and so we were stood down after about an hour, on the understanding that we would be recalled if necessary.
Later in the afternoon the missing person was found cold but alive and treated accordingly. See Wasdale MRT’s press release on their website for more details, both of the search and their advice about not using only mobile phones for navigation.

6 Team Members responded which took in total approx. 2 hours.