North Gully, Dow Crag, April 1st 2013 14:39hrs (10/2013)


Third day on the trot thanks to these wintry conditions !!

Once again a walker misjudged the snow conditions and found himself cragfast at the top of a gully. Dow Crag has a few inviting gullies for climbers and scramblers but to attempt these when there is a deep covering of snow and ice requires different expertise.

Two walkers were attempting to get to the summit of Dow Crag and chose North Gully as a possible route. Unfortunately the last 10ft of the gully proved too difficult for one of the walkers and a call out was initiated. So we slogged our way up the fell for the third time in as many days, tackling the deep snow and drifts further up. Fortunately, with the use of ropes we were able to belay the walker to safety and accompany the two walkers down to the landrover via Goats Hawse.

17 team members assisted with this call out which took 5 ¾ hours, a very long time due to the conditions.

Please take care people !

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